Q: How could I get more discount & information from Prior?
A: Could you give me the account of online Chatting Software which you usually use to communicate with others? Therefore I can explain it to you more precisely.
Mobile/Whatsapp/Wechat: +86 15060880319?; ? QQ: 1875082143?; ??Skype: heatpress05
Q: Why Should we have to buy heat presses from Prior?
A: Good quality control and on-time delivery. We are one of China's leading modernized manufacturer and marketer of heat press machines and related consumptive materials. Our company has passed ISO 9001, CE certification, etc
Q: How can I receive your goods?
A: When you order is below 100KG, we recommend DHL, TNT, UPS or other Air Express, Delivery Time: 1-3working day, Door to Door. If not, Sea Transportation is your best choice, and you should go to your nearest seaport to take your goods, Delivery Time: 30-40days.
Q: How could we become Prior 's sole agent?
A: Now, we are looking for greater cooperation with overseas customers. When your order meets our request quantity, It is our pleasure to invite you to become our sole agent in your country.
Q: Why are some Heat Presses being sold so cheap?
A: 80% heat press sold on Ebay, Amazon,etc is made in China. After all, China is the world's factory and keeps churning out thousands of new products every day. You need to take care about certain sellers, Most important, you can hardly recognize which heat press is good or bad by searching the internet. People always like to buy cheap product, so do the purchasing agent. That wild ambition pushes the Manufacturers cheating on workmanship and materials for meeting the requirements.

Keep your eyes open on the sale websites which only sell cheap heat press.
Q: How do similar looking Heat Presses compare to our Heat Presses?
A: Aesthetically speaking, some specific Heat Presses do look almost identical to our economic ones. They also paint the Heat Press the same color of our type and hope they will be treated the same, but they are in fact not the same quality Heat Presses and just the economic ones. The aesthetics may look almost identical, but the difference is under the hood; they are different to our economic ones with regards to the wires, true heat plate thickness, etc. The heat plate thickness with their ones does not reach the good export standard.

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